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Get design support for logo development, company rebrands, stationery, collateral, apparel, and merchandise

A strong brand stands out in a crowded marketplace, instantly communicating value and reliability to your customers. A unique brand voice and visual identity can articulate your expertise and commitment to quality in a way that matters to defence and aerospace stakeholders. And, a consistent, impactful visual presence with complementary supporting messaging makes you memorable and keeps you top of mind with your target audience and decision-makers.

From strategy through to logo design and brand messaging, strong branding presents a single source of truth of your business to the marketplace that is built on content and design working together to share core values.

We help your business create a tailored brand strategy that includes logo development, brand messaging, and the design of all visual and textual brand elements to ensure consistency across all platforms, from your website to trade show materials. We also develop comprehensive brand guidelines to maintain consistency in all communications, ensuring that your brand’s integrity is preserved as it grows and evolves while enhancing your professional image and helping you communicate effectively with your target audience.

Sovereign’s branding and design support services include:

  • logo design and brand identity development including typography, colour palette, imagery, and messaging
  • comprehensive brand strategy including market positioning, audience targeting, and differentiation from competitors.
  • brand messaging support to communicate your unique value proposition and resonate with your target audience
  • creation of brand guidelines that outline how the brand should be presented across all communication channels, including digital and print
  • brand naming that reflects the brand’s personality and values, is memorable, and resonates with the target audience
  • brand research to understand the market, target audience, and competitors to inform the brand strategy and messaging
  • brand refresh to update your visual identity, messaging, or strategy to better reflect current market position and resonate with the target audience
  • brand collateral design including business cards, brochures, and social media graphics that reflect the brand’s visual identity and messaging
  • ongoing brand management support to ensure the branding is consistently presented across all communication channels and continues to resonate with the target audience.

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