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Optimise your digital presence and enhance the user experience with a comprehensive digital UX audit.

Customers, prospects, and key defence and aerospace stakeholders are only ever a few keystrokes away from your business online. When your public relations (PR) and marketing activities direct your audience towards your digital presence through social media channels and website pages, it’s important that they have a smooth user experience (UX) with your brand once there, as well as one that’s consistent across every online channel they engage with.

Working with an experienced integrated communications agency to conduct technical and security assessments of your digital footprint—including websites, user experience evaluations, and social media reviews—ensures your customers and prospects have meaningful interactions with your digital platforms. We help you understand the intricacies of your digital footprint through our comprehensive audits to pinpoint areas for improvement, whether in improved security, user interface, or content alignment. Our targeted analysis ensures your messaging resonates with a highly specialised audience, enhancing your brand’s appeal and operational efficacy.

Aligning your digital channels with your strategic goals more precisely lets you achieve a stronger, more effective online presence to attract quality leads and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving defence and aerospace industry.

We help you:

  • deep-dive into social media channels, online reviews, current paid campaigns in market, and any third-party digital properties that your brand has a presence on
  • review your technical and security functions, traffic rank and indexation, accessibility, mobile and desktop performance, backlinks, SEO, and on-site optimisation factors
  • analyse your website data and assess design, messaging, and customer journey aspects to identify gaps and weak spots that can be improved
  • assess how your brand is positioned across paid, earned, and owned digital channels to make informed decisions.

The three elements of a comprehensive digital audit

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