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Nurture your database with comprehensive email programs supported by experienced designers, B2B copywriters, and campaign managers.

We’ve all experienced it: a flood of irrelevant, poorly written emails that clog our inboxes and make it difficult to find the messages that really matter. As with any other marketing channel, it can be difficult to get your news and updates seen or heard when your emails are competing against many other brands in someone’s inbox. However, email continues to be an important marketing channel at the core of marketing automation programs, event promotions, and general stakeholder communication, especially when used correctly. Email marketing lets you send highly tailored messages to specific groups within your audience, so you can engage with the unique needs and interests of your clients and prospects more directly.

Sovereign writes and designs emails and nurture stream campaigns that are not just opened, but actually read. We understand the key messages that resonate with defence and aerospace stakeholders, and we know how to get your messages in front of the right people. We also know how to keep your customers engaged throughout long and protracted buying cycles and procurement processes.

Our email marketing services include:

  • email template design (tested for multiple email clients)
  • email copywriting
  • email distribution using your platform or our own
  • ongoing reporting and response management.

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