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Optimise your marketing campaign workflows across Marketo, HubSpot, and more to improve your ROI and augment your defence and aerospace engagement.

It takes specialised expertise and planning to manage leads efficiently and quantify return on investment (ROI). When your business sells technical, high-value products and solutions to the Australian defence and aerospace industry, the impact can be significant. Sovereign simplifies marketing processes for you, empowering your business to fully leverage marketing automation, driving efficiency and delivering measurable results.

We’ll evaluate your marketing automation platform in depth to identify areas for improvement before developing campaign and marketing strategies that meet your business objectives and cater to your audience’s needs. We nurture leads efficiently at every stage of the funnel through carefully designed campaign flows that leverage targeted, engaging content that boosts audience interaction and engagement.

Sovereign implements technical optimisations and provides detailed analytics and reporting so your marketing automation platform performs optimally. This lets us monitor your campaign performance and ROI closely. Plus, we manage the system ongoing to continually improve your outcomes, keeping your marketing efforts on the cutting edge.

We achieve this by:

  • automating marketing processes from lead generation to conversion for greater efficiency
  • delivering marketing messages based on user behaviour and preferences for better engagement
  • moving leads through the sales funnel more efficiently with optimised campaign flows
  • giving you a deeper understanding of your campaign performance for data-driven improvements
  • integrating your marketing automation platform seamlessly with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) solution and marketing tools
  • providing continuous expert advice and support to maximise the value of your marketing automation investment.

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