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Enhance your brand image with help from experienced designers and developers to build new websites or breathe new life into older sites for better performance and engagement with key defence and aerospace stakeholders.

Websites are the marketing heart of just about every organisation. There’s no point building great marketing campaigns if your site performs poorly because, no matter how impactful and compelling your advertising is, the website is where customers decide whether you can solve the problems they’re facing, the way they want them solved.

When you sell technical, high-value solutions to the defence and aerospace sector, it’s crucial that your website demonstrates your products and services effectively, so you never miss an opportunity or sale. Chances are, if your website copy is long-winded and confusing or your website looks outdated while you’re trying to sell the latest defence technology, then you’re losing out on sales. So, it’s important to get your site right and then build from there.

Sovereign builds new websites and breathes new life into old, tired sites if that’s a viable option. Clients often come to us with an existing site that is a few years old and, while the bones are still good, it needs a complete visual and content overhaul to perform better with search algorithms and be more relevant to customers in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Alternatively, there are often security or stability concerns and constant spam originating from forms or published email addresses. Our team will assess your site, run a security and user experience technical audit, and then recommend the best way to proceed. If it’s cost-effective, then we’ll recommend a refresh of the existing site. Or, if the cost to remediate is too high, then we’ll suggest a possible new build.

With the support of our in-house web developers, designers, and copywriters, we build a range of new sites, from campaign landing pages and microsites for individual marketing campaigns to comprehensive global sites.

Whether it’s a new build or a refresh of an existing site, our web projects follow a proven, rigorous process that includes:

  • needs analysis
  • design concepts
  • wireframe to agree on navigation and functionality
  • content plan
  • build and revision with set milestones
  • quality assurance and testing
  • go-live
  • maintenance and support.

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